Ab Workouts ABC's of Great Abs

There's a reason that ab workouts are so popular. There's a steady diet of ab machine infomercials on television promising the next best way to get a six pack .

Getting great abs of your own is a matter of finding a good ab workout routine and putting in the effort.

The other thing you need to do (and this is the part no one tells you), is you have to clean up your diet and lose body fat. If your body fat level is above around 10%, I don't care how great your abs are - no one will see them!

The best ab workouts will include ab exercises that target the entire abdominal area which includes upper abs, middle abs, lower abs and of course the obliques.

I've put together some ab workouts for you to try that don't require you to invest a bunch of money in any equipment or some over priced gadget like that stupid ab lounge II.

*The only piece of equipment for working on abs that I recommend is a good exercise ball.

Ab Workouts

Ab Workout for Beginners
If you're just getting started working on your abs go easy. Try this ab workout for a couple of weeks and then advance to the intermediate routine.

Advanced Ab Workouts
The variety of advanced ab workouts are limitless. Try a couple of our advanced ab workouts and let us know what you think.