Weight Training Facts and Fiction

If you are new to weight training, here is a quick start guide to help you get a better understanding about some of the facts and fiction surrounding building muscle.

Who is Weight Training For?
The benefits of weight training spread across all genders, races and ages. Weight training was once a very obscure "fringe" activity only practiced by strongmen and body builders. Those days are long gone.

Today, anyone who values their long term health, can gain substantial benefits by using moderate weight training to enhance their over all physical and emotional well being.

Is Weight Training Dangerous?
When performed in a safe and controlled manner, weight training is very safe. In fact there are far less injuries in weight training than - bicycling, golf, or basketball. Actually, those individuals who train with weights, have less occurrence of injury when performing other activities due to increased muscle and tendon strength as well as increased bone density.

Will I get Bulky Muscles From Weight Training?
No! That's actually one of the biggest myths about weight training. Many women fear working out with weights. They think they will become masculine and muscle bound. Nothing could be further from the truth. Women don't have the same genetic potential to gain muscle that men do.

If it was that easy to get huge muscles, every man on earth would be 250 pounds of solid muscle. You and I know that's not true, so put your mind at ease.

Weight Training Makes You Inflexible
The truth is that most people gain improved flexibility and range of motion in joints when following a weight training program. Well defined muscles help your body function more efficiently. Much more than sitting on your butt all day.

If I stop Weight Training My Muscles Will Turn Into Fat?
That would be a neat trick! Tell you what, take a steak out of your fridge, and leave it on the counter for a month. Did it turn to fat? Of course not, muscle doesn't turn into fat any more than a tub full of Crisco will turn into muscle if you put it on your counter and let it sit for a week.