Weight Training Benefits, How to Use Weight Training to Turbo Charge Your Metabolism

If you think that weight training is just for muscleheads and gym rats, you'd better think again.

Weight training is a sure fire way to completely transform your body and attitude in record time.

Weight Training Benefits

  • Increases your metabolism - burn more fat with no extra effort
  • Increases strength - daily activities, sports and recreation are easier
  • Increases energy - makes you feel youthful and alive
  • Improves posture - less stress on your back, neck and shoulders
  • Increases self confidence - you will feel unstoppable
  • Changes everyday attitudes - more success for you in relationships, work and play
  • Reduces risk of osteoporosis - regular weight training increases bone density (very important for women)
  • Increases athletic performance - be a better golfer, swimmer, skier or runner
  • Decreases blood pressure - your heart will thank you
  • Reduces risk of adult onset diabetes (1 million people over the age of twenty develop diabetes each year, don't be one of them)
  • Improves coordination and balance - especially helpful as you age

If you're starting a new fitness program and your not weight training, you're missing the boat!

Reread the benefits again very slowly - heck even print out this page and put it on your night stand and read it before bed each night.

Whatever it takes, make sure you include weight training in your fitness routine and reap the benefits that a strong new muscular body will bring you.