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Blast Your Fat Workout

The Blast Your Fat Workout is a quick, effective, high octane workout specifically designed to target and destroy ugly body fat...

Blast Your Fat Q & A:

Who is the Blast Your Fat Workout designed for?
Beginner's to intermediates whose primary goals are fat loss and muscle toning. Good for both Women and Men.

How long does the workout take to perform each day?
The Blast Your Fat Workout can be performed in under 30 minutes on strength training days and 20 minutes on cardio days.

What kind of workout equipment do I need?

  • weight bench
  • dumbbells
  • optional 'Swiss' exercise ball for ab workout

What do I get with my workout download?

Complete 4 week step-by-step workout with instructions
Diet guidelines and tips for fat loss
Strength training overview and tips
Blast Your Fat Workout Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4 printable workout sheets.

Each printable workout sheet contains your workout for the week and outlines: the muscle group worked for each exercise, exercise type, number of sets and circuits, weight for each exercise and number of sets to perform.

What does the Blast Your Fat Workout look like?
Here is a screen capture of (week 1 ) of the Blast Your Fat Workout. The workouts are delivered electronically in PDF format (PC and MAC compatible) via instant electronic download.

Blst Your Fat Workout Sample
Screen Capture - Blast Your Fat Workout


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How can I get the Blast Your Fat Workout ?
Get the Blast Your Fat Workout Plan as an instant electronic download that is compatible with both PC and MAC from our secure server.

Does the workout come with a guarantee?
The Blast Your Fat Workout comes with a full no questions asked satisfaction guarantee. Download the workout and take it for a test drive, if you don't like it, or decide it's not the workout for you, let us know and we'll promoptly refund your money no questions asked.

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