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Here's a picture of the home gym in the basement of my house. The gym is on the small side, it's about 10 x 11 feet!

Luckily that's enough space to squeeze in two pieces of equipment, the first being an Octane Elliptical Trainer and the second, a new Parabody Smith Machine I bought earlier this year.

Click on any piece of my home gym equipment listed below and read more about it on a separate page that will cover size, function, price and why I bought it.

Here's the exact list of my home gym equipment

Octane Q45e Elliptical Trainer
Parabody Smith Machine w/ Lat Pulldown and Low Pulley
• 300 pound Olympic Weight Set w/ 45 pound bar
• Standard weight set w/ dumbbell handles and bars
• Satellite TV (to relieve boredom on the elliptical trainer)

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