iPod Workout - Free Workout for Your Ipod

Ipod Workout

Ipod workout routines for free, another exclusive only from Mucho Muscle!

I've been experimenting with creating Ipod workouts that you can download to your pod as a simple text file and upload it into your notes folder.

Imagine being at the gym and having your workout routine right on your ipod. There's no bulky folder or notepad to lug around. Simply scroll your ipod wheel to the notes folder and view your workout at your leisure.

Here is a sample Ipod workout, save the text file to your desktop and upload it to your notes folder on your Ipod (unzip the file first)...

How to Set Up Your Ipod for Workout
You need to change the settings on your Ipod so you can view text documents. Change the "enable IPod for disk use" setting inside iTunes by following these steps:

Connect you IPod to your USB port on your computer and start your iTunes program. You can find the setting for enabling IPod for disk use here:

iTunes- Edit > Preferences IPod Tab > General > Select “Enable disk use"

Here is the first IPod Workout for you, of course like always, it's free from MuchoMuscle.com!

Download the Ipod-Workout.zip file to your desktop and extract the Ipod Workout text file to install on your Ipod.

Ipod Workout (text file to install manually)

Ipod Workout (zip file)