Leg Workout - Get my leg workout for more muscular legs

Leg Workout

What makes a great leg workout? Hard work! Training legs can be very grueling (and very effective) when done correctly. Try my leg workout and see if you're up for the challenge.

Leg Workout Tip
To get the best results from your leg workout, train legs on their own day of the week. If you're working out hard enough, you won't have any energy left to train any other body parts anyway.

It may be in your best interest to use a good weight belt if you're really using some heavy weights. Keep your back straight, head up and abs tight while performing any leg exercise - it will make your leg workout more effective, and help reduce the chance of injury.

Thigh Exercises
Squats - 4 sets x 12,10,8,6 reps
Leg Press - 4 sets x 12,10,8,6 reps

Leg Extension - 3 sets x 10,8,8 reps

Inner Thigh Exercises
Thigh Abductor Machine - 3 sets x 12,12,12 reps

Hamstring Exercises
Lying Leg Curls - 3 sets x 12,10,8 reps

Calf Exercises
Standing Calf Raise - 3 sets x 12,12,12 reps