Shoulder Workout - Get nice delts and fill out your shirt

Shoulder Workout

To get an effective shoulder workout you need to work all three heads of the shoulder. The front deltoid (anterior), the middle deltoid (medial) and the rear deltoid (posterior).

A great tip for working on shoulders is to train them on the same day that you do chest. During a chest workout the shoulders will get a lot of indirect stimulation so the muscle will be pre-fatigued.

Shoulder Workout Tip
Go easy with the amount of weight you use while doing lateral raises. Each rep should be done in a smooth and controlled manner.

Do Not swing your body to assist the weight up - otherwise you're not doing a shoulder workout - you're just working your back and your ego.

Front Shoulder Exercise (anterior deltoid)
Military Press (to front) - 3 sets x 12,10,8 reps

Middle Shoulder Exercise (medial deltoid)
Dumbbell Side Laterals (standing) - 3 sets x 12,10,8 reps

Rear Shoulder Exercise (posterior deltoid)
Dumbbell Rear Laterals (seated) - 3 sets x 12,10,8 reps