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Parabody Smith Machine
Parabody Smith Machine

I thought long and hard about what type of weight equipment I wanted for my home gym and finally decided on this Parabody Smith Machine.

Parabody Smith Machine features and benefits

• Safety, the ability to workout alone
• 7 degree slant for more natural motion
• gun rack on front to allow free weight lifting
• included 200 pound weight stack
• high and low pulley
• small footprint, doesn't take up too much space
• built in weight holders
• Parabody reputation of good equipment
• build quality and smooth operation of smith machine system

• assembled dimensions (base) 54"L x 70"W x 83"H
• assembled dimensions (all) 110"L x 70"W x 84"H
• assembled dimensions (live) 114"L x 96"W x 93"H

Warranty Information
• Lifetime Frame Warranty
• Lifetime Welds
• Lifetime Parts
• 3 Years Upholstered Pads
• 3 Years Cables

Why I Bought a Smith Machine System

It's important to get as good of a piece of equipment as you can afford, you'll be using it every day for many years to come, so don't try to skimp by with some piece of junk from Walmart!

The Parabody Smith Machine came with a full 200 pound weight stack, high and low pulleys, a linear ball bearing smith system with 7 degrees slant, safety catches, long and short bar, built-in weight horns and a great warranty.

I was even able to negotiate the price down from $2200 at my local fitness equipment store, and ended up paying only $1599!

I highly recommend getting a 7 degree smith machine if your budget allows. The Parabody is one good option, and Body Solid makes a nice smith machine too, but it's not quite on par with the Parabody Smith System.

If need help deciding which home smith machine to buy, see the Exercise Equipment Expert for reviews and ratings on all the popular smith machines on the market.