Weight Loss Tips - Lose the fat and get your abs to show in record time

Weight Loss Tips | How To Lose Weight

Without a doubt, the most commonly asked question I get when I give a personal training session is, "I really need some weight loss tips, are there any exercises you can show me to lose fat off my stomach?"

The first thing I tell my clients is, "The most important thing you need to do is get your diet under control. Without a proper diet, you can forget about losing any fat. I don't care how much exercise you do, or how many supplements or diet pills you take.

There are foods that can have a dramatic impact on your weight loss, but that doesn't mean you can just eat the good foods and go hog wild with everything else. If you do, you're going to stay fat, plain and simple.

The simple fact of the matter is that there is no magical exercise or miracle pill that is going to help you drop that extra weight unless you get your diet straightened out.

That being said, here are the weight loss tips I use every day to help keep that ugly body fat from sticking to my stomach...

Weight Loss Tip #1

Use Whey Protein...

There has been a lot of talk about protein lately. Unfortunately, most of it negative. Protein isn't the miracle supplement most people make it out to be - but it doesn't deserve the bad reputation is has either.

When used correctly, you can gain substantial benefits by incorporating whey protein into your diet plan.

Whey Protein Benefits:

  • Whey Protein is not stored as fat as easily as carbohydrates.
  • Whey Protein helps repair muscle.
  • Whey Protein helps strengthen your immune system.
  • Whey Protein helps shorten recovery time between exercise sessions.
  • Whey Protein decreases your hunger between meals.
  • Whey Protein helps build new muscle...

Did you know if you gain 10 pounds of muscle, you will burn an extra 3500 calories per week?

To burn that many calories doing cardio, you'd have to run for an hour each day of the week!

To build 10 pounds of muscle, feed your body a high quality whey protein drink 1-3 times a day, and follow my protein tips.

Weight Loss Tips for Whey Protein:

Why whey protein is best:
Each type of protein has a specific biological value. The higher the value, the better it works. Whey protein has the highest biological value (bv) of any protein (104). Beef has a bv of (80) and soy protein with a bv of (74). That means whey protein is 23% more effective than beef and 29% more effective than soy protein at helping you body build lean muscle!

The best times to use whey protein are:

  • Between meals for a snack.
  • 1/2 hour prior to weight training or cardio workout.
  • Immediately following intense exercise to help repair muscle.

Best Whey Protein Values for Weight Loss:

There are hundreds of whey protein products on the market today. Based on price, taste and quality This Whey Protein is the best Whey Protein on the market hands down, it tastes great and mixes easily with water or milk.

Weight Loss Tip #2

Eat more often...

To really kick start your metabolism, you need to feed your body frequently. Try to get between 5-6 well balanced meals each day. Shoot for 3-4 small meals with regular food (small portions) and 1-2 protein drinks or meal replacements.

When you supply your body with constant nourishment, you are, in effect, turning on your own internal furnace. Most people make the mistake of eating only two big meals during the day - That's a huge mistake.

Weight Loss Tip for Meal Planning:

Change your dinner menu often. Most people can eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch but get bored with their dinner menu. Mix up your dinner menu and never eat the same meal two nights in a row.

When your body doesn't get the nutrients and fuel it needs (protein, carbohydrates, fat, water and minerals) at short regular intervals , it goes into self defense mode. And will try to hoard everything fat and carbohydrates for energy, until it gets a fresh supply the next time you eat.

Think of hoarding as your bodies built in self defense mechanism. If you didn't know where your next meal was coming from, wouldn't you save some later? I know I would!

When you feed your body what it wants - when it wants it - you are going to be amazed at what starts to happen. Your energy levels will go up, your workouts will be more effective and your body fat will go down - sometimes dramatically.

An simple way to squeeze in an extra meal on the run is to bring a meal replacement powder with you when you're out for the day. It's a quick, convenient and nutritionally balanced meal that's ready in seconds and can be eaten anywhere.

You can find the meal replacement I use here. It's got 35 grams of high quality whey protein, 8 grams of fiber, is gluten free and the perfect blend of vitamins and minerals to help feed your body while you're on the go.

Weight Loss Tip #3

Drink More Water...

I can't emphasize how important it is that you drink enough water each day. I'm not trying to nag you, (nag nag nag - I couldn't help myself) but before you dismiss the importance of water consider these facts:

  • Water regulates body temperature
  • It transports nutrients and oxygen
  • Dissolves vitamins and minerals
  • Helps detoxify the kidneys and liver
  • And helps suppress your appetite

Make the smart decision. Drink at least 80 oz. of water every day. Your body will thank you, and you can thank me later...

Weight Loss Tip #4

Take a Multivitamin...

People often neglect taking a vitamin supplement. They think that if they eat a "balanced diet" they are getting all of the nutrients their body needs.

A lot of health professionals will tell you that a Multivitamin is not important. "Eat a balanced diet", they say. "And you will get all of your nutritional needs met through the food you eat".

Weight Loss Tips for Vitamins:

Make a habit of taking your vitamin first thing in the morning with your breakfast. If you put off taking your vitamin until later in the day, the less likely you are of taking it. Here's the multivitamin I take every morning...

Let's get real here for a minute. Even people who are super careful about their diet are sometimes deficient in vitamins and minerals. You know why?...It's a little thing called life!

Today's hectic lifestyle makes it extremely difficult to always eat a well balanced diet. So make sure you've got your bases covered and take a quality multivitamin and vitamin C every day. You don't need anything fancy or expensive, just stick to the basics.

Weight Loss Tip #5

Workout at Home

If you're still hoofing it to the club everyday to workout and haven't discovered the benefits of working out at home your throwing your money away (and your time traveling, parking, waiting for machines).

Don't know where to start with a home workout? Think it's too expensive or you don't have enough room? Think again!

I've discovered what I consider to be the perfect home workout routine to lose ugly body fat fast and gain muscle to help boost your metabolism - you can find out what I discovered here.

Well, there you have it. (5) simple steps that you can take to losing body fat. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of my five weight loss tips, although they seem like no-brainers, if you follow my weight loss tips consistently and use your home gym for some weight training and cardio, you'll be amazed by the dramatic changes you'll see in your body.

If you're really serious about losing fat and building some lean muscle (and you've read this far so I know you are) you can checkout my free 5 page mini-course for more advanced tactics and a special report.